Start using the secret trusted by doctors and thousands of users to kill embarrassing nail bed fungus.


Don’t hide your toes!

  • Real, effective medicine
  • Nothing stronger without a prescription
  • Kills exposed nail-bed fungus
  • Visible results in as little as 4 weeks

Many people believe you can only get “real medicine” from a physician, but you don’t have to wait to see your doctor to start treating your exposed nail bed fungus before summer – or any time of year. The real secret to healthy-looking toes is actually a proven over-the-counter anti-fungal medicine. Maximum Strength FUNGICURE Anti-fungal Liquid offers the strongest anti-fungal medicine available without a prescription.

The active ingredient in FUNGICURE kills exposed nail bed fungus; and with FUNGICURE you can see visible results in as little as four weeks. The medicine is easily applied to the nail bed with the included applicator brush, preventing the need to touch the infected area with your skin and the possibility of spreading the fungus to your fingers or other areas.

FUNGICURE can kill six types of common fungus on the exposed nail bed, curing the infection and allowing for re-growth of healthy tissue. It also soothes and conditions the affected area, without an offensive medicinal smell.

Fungal infections on your toes will not clear up overnight. However, you can start killing the fungus today with a highly effective medicine. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll begin to see healthy-looking toes again.

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Drug Facts

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View Frequently Asked Questions about FUNGICURE Liquid

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How does FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid work?

FUNGICURE works by inhibiting the growth and reproduction of fungal cells.

Why does the label for FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid say "not effective on scalp or nails"?

The active ingredient in FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid has been recognized to be safe and effective by an FDA Expert Advisory Panel when used as directed. It works to eliminate fungus infections on the skin around and adjacent to the nail and under the nail tips where reachable with the applicator brush. The FDA requires the statement "not effective on scalp or nails" to appear on all over the counter antifungal products because the FDA has concluded that “such infections respond poorly to topical therapy, partly because of the depth of the hair roots and the thickness of the nails”. The FDA considers the nails to be a hard surface not penetrable by OTC topical medications. Fungus can infect the entire nail area of fingers and toes. This includes the surrounding skin, the nail beds and the nails surfaces themselves, commonly referred to as the nail plates. While an intact nail plate, being a hard surface, is not penetrable by OTC topical applications, there are instances where nail plates are not intact and are actually cracked open, breached or partially separated from the nail bed. There are also instances where fungal infections reside on skin around and adjacent to the nail plate, on the cuticles, and under the exposed quick of the nail. In these instances where the fungus is exposed, FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid, with its powerful anti-fungal action, applied as directed, may be able to reach the site of the infection by direct application, eliminating the fungus and allowing for regrowth of healthy tissue.

How long can I use FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid?

You can use FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid for up to four weeks. If you don't see improvement in that time, you should stop use and consult your doctor. If you are seeing improvement, you may continue to use FUNGICURE until your fungal infection resolves.

Can I get a refund? Do you have a money-back guarantee?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of FUNGICURE, upon request we can send you a Return Request letter in order to assist you in obtaining a refund from the retailer where you purchased the product.

Can I apply FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid over nail polish, or do I have to take the polish off?

FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid eliminates and helps stop the spread of fungal infections on cuticles, around nail edges, and under nail tips where accessible with the applicator brush. Because it is applied to the skin around the nail, it should not interfere with nail polish.

What is the active ingredient in FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid?

FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid contains 25% undecylenic acid.

What are the directions for FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid?

The directions for FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid are to apply a thin layer of FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid over the affected are twice daily (morning and night), or as directed by a doctor. For athlete's foot and ringworm, use daily for 4 weeks. If condition persists longer consult a doctor. Be sure to read all product package label Directions, Uses and Warnings and follow them carefully.

I have a fungal infection on my nails. Can I use FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid?

No OTC topical anti-fungal will penetrate hard intact nail surfaces. FUNGICURE works only when and where its active anti-fungal ingredient can directly reach and come in direct contact with fungal cells, such as on skin around and adjacent to nails, on cuticles, under nail tips (quick), through cracks or breaches in skin or nails, or where skin or tissue under nails is openly exposed, exposing fungal cells to treatment.

What’s the best way to apply FUNGICURE for finger and toe fungal infections?

For fungal infections of the finger and toe area, we recommend that you apply FUNGICURE Maximum Strength Liquid to all infected areas of the skin, including the skin around and adjacent to the nails, such as in the cuticle area, under the nail tips, and on the skin under the nail in instances where the nail has actually separated from the nail bed and is accessible to brush application.

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Maximum Strength FUNGICURE Anti-fungal Liquid is a highly effective treatment for common fungus infection of the finger and toe areas including on skin around and adjacent to nails and under nail tips where reachable with the FUNGICURE applicator brush. Maximum Strength FUNGICURE Anti-fungal Liquid combines the active ingredient undecylenic acid with a soothing, conditioning base to relieve the associated discomforts of itching, scaling, cracking, redness and burning—eliminating the fungus and allowing for the natural re-growth of healthy tissue.

FUNGICURE's targeted "brush-on" applicator allows for easy application right to the site of hard to reach infections, so fingers need never touch affected areas.


MAXIMUM STRENGTH FUNGICURE Liquid is an effective topical formulation containing the ACTIVE INGREDIENT:  Undecylenic Acid 25% w/v

INACTIVE INGREDIENT: Isopropyl palmitate. Undecylenic acid in FUNGICURE Liquid is a widely recognized, proven anti-fungal ingredient effective against fungi such as E. floccosum, T. mentagrophytes, and T. rubrum, which are known to cause topical infections of the body, hands and feet, including on and between fingers and toes, as well as on cuticles and skin around nails.

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